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Aude Mulliez is our Latin American and Caribbean Programs Coordinator focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean, and African regions. She is passionate and driven by grassroots and community led initiatives and thoroughly enjoys being able to connect and support women led initiatives.


For the last 12 years, she has had the privilege of learning from women in West Africa, Haiti and Central and South America. Though she is not a martial artist (she does love a good kickboxing exercise class), she received a Masters in International Peace Studies, with a focus on Gender and Peacebuilding from the University for Peace. She is also a certified Class V White Water raft guide. 


She first heard of Empowerment Self Defense from a Trans-rights activist in Costa Rica and proceeded to find Yudit through her networks and be trained as an Instructor at the first ESDG Instructor Training in 2017. She has been motivated ever since to share these tools and the opportunity to become an instructor with her communities and other experts in Gender Based Violence and Empowerment. Accordingly,  Aude coordinated the first Latin American and Caribbean Instructor Training in 2019 in Costa Rica for 18 women from 8 different LAC countries. She is very excited for the next opportunities!

Aude Mulliez

Latin America and Caribbean Programs Coordinator 


Nina Wennink is an empowerment coach, Krav Maga instructor, social entrepeneur and all-rounder with an international background and a passion for people, culture and interpersonal communication. She has an academic background in Language & Literature and Political Science, and have a professional background in financial services, start-up management and education. Her aim is to contribute to social change through education, and she believes that self defense should be available to every child and teenager. As an alumni of the Leadership Development Programme provided by the organisation Teach for Belgium, she has kickstarted projects such as Audace Bxl, teaching ESD in high schools. Her goal in life is to contribute to social change by enabling people locally and gobally to define and stand up for what they find important, while building connections across differences (cultural, political, religious, etc) through interpersonal communication. Nina is a graduate of the 2019 ESD Global Instructor training program and the 2020 ESD Global Master Instructor training program.

Nina Wennink

Program Assistant


Yasmina Benslimane is from Morocco but considers herself a world citizen as she lived in six countries. She holds a BA in Political Science from Saint Louis University and a MA in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes from UPEACE. She is passionate about Human Rights, in particular gender and migration issues. Back in 2017, she founded @politics4her to advocate for women’s rights and encourage active participation in civil society. Her professional experiences include non-profit work as well as UN agencies such as UNESCO, IOM, UNHCR. She is supporting ESD Global's work in Latin America and the Caribbean particularly in communications and work with refugee populations.

Luis Jimenez Luis Jimenez graduated with a Bachelor´s degree in International Relations in 2009, with a specialization in International Trade, after participating in an exchange program at East Carolina University in the U.S. in 2007, along with completing university courses in Anthropology. 

Luis participated in international programs such as Sweden World Youth (2006), One Young World in Zurich (2011), Ship for World Youth Leaders in Japan (2017), Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (2017) and Changemakers, Trust Conference, Thompson Reuters (2019). After being elected President of the Scout Youth National Council and prior to being nominated to become a World Youth Advisor for the World Scout Organization., he started working with volunteer programs and international cooperation projects in 2007.


In 2009, he started freelancing as a workshop facilitator and group leader. Shortly after in in 2010, he worked as an interpreter, leader of volunteers and as Community Outreach Coordinator for a non-profit. From 2013 to 2016 Luis became an Administrative Assistant and Accounting Manager for the Embassy of Chile in Costa Rica. In 2017, Crece Costa Rica a project with homeless people and recycling and two other initiatives have taking most of his time, meanwhile developing projects and working as a consultant. 


Luis is currently finishing his Master's Degree program in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development at University for Peace. 

Joy Muthanje Mwaniki is a development practitioner with two Master’s Degrees in Development studies and Development management. She is passionate about working on development interventions that improve quality of life for their beneficiaries. She also enjoys conducting research and developing concrete solutions to development problems.

Eimar Breslin is a Research and Resource Mobilization Intern focusing on Western and Central Europe. She is currently undertaking a master’s degree at University College Dublin (UCD) in Peace and Conflict Studies.  Eimar was born in Belgium where I attended the European School of Brussels II until she received her European Baccalaureate. She then moved to Dublin to pursue my undergraduate degree in Dublin. She had the incredible chance to study abroad for one year at the George Washington University in Washington DC.  

From the time Eimear was young, her ambition in life has been to make a difference and leave an impact on our world. Her aspiration to be a part of a movement such as ESD Global is firmly rooted in her interest in world events and with her desire to help others. Eimear’s studies have provided her a better understanding of issues concerning peace and conflict that have been vital in understanding more broad issues of war, peace, and conflict resolution. The program has allowed her to write on issues surrounding international peace and security, social justice, human rights, and gender equality.


During her time at university, she was involved with the start-up of a student-led organization that helped educate students on issues of consent. The group continues to spread awareness of consent around campus. Eimear feels extremely honored to intern for ESD Global and support them in their mission. 

Rachana Chetha is an M.A. student in Media and Peace program at the UN-mandated University for Peace (UPeace). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relation from Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. She has work experiences in both public sector and NGO field. Prior to UPeace, she worked for an international non-governmental organization named Oxfam in Cambodia for almost two years where she exposed herself to a work environment consisting of various programs such as humanitarian, environment, gender, social protection, and social development. Her field of interests include women empowerment, peacebuilding, and communication.

Clara Paik is an intern with ESD Global focusing on Research and Resource Mobilization for the North American region. She graduated from the University for Peace with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies with a specialization in Gender and Peacebuilding in 2017. Since then, she has been working in the international development field tackling gender issues and empowering women and girls. With her previous work as an ESD trainer with No Means No Worldwide and seeing firsthand what ESD can do for women and girls, Clara is excited and committed in working towards ESD Global's mission in establishing ESD as s key primary violence prevention strategy. 

Brett Boren is ESD Global’s Research and Research Mobilization intern for Southeast Asia.  He is passionate about creating community partnerships and grassroots organizing.  He received his Bachelor's of Arts from University of Oregon in International Studies, with a focus on anti and post-colonial Africa.  Though he is not a martial artist, he does casually enjoy boxing and krav maga. 

Tadiwanashe Christabel Mateta is a recent international development graduate from Zimbabwe whose area of interest is gender and development. She is passionate about gender equality and strongly believes in ensuring the safety of women across the globe. Her hobbies are blogging, singing and reading. 

Antonella Cariello is a SOGI expert and researcher. She holds a MA in International Cooperation and Protection of Human Rights. In her previous experiences, she has worked in different countries, in North Africa and Europe, where she has conducted various research and activities on LGBTI issues and women empowerment. Currently, she is part of the EST Working Group on Gender Equality where she is studying the prejudices against trans persons in Europe and how the overcoming of these prejudices can improve gender equality. Antonella is committed in creating inclusive societies and cultures where people are not limited in the expression of their gender identity, gender expressions or sexual orientation.  

Reanne Raymond is from Toronto, Canada, and a Business student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Her passions and hobbies include travelling, learning languages, and participating in triathlons. She is currently one of the research and resource mobilization interns at ESD Global. She is so excited to work with this wonderful team and can’t wait to see what we accomplish this summer!

Erin Hardin is currently working on a dual master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence from Brandeis University and International Law and Human Rights from the University for Peace. She lived in Thailand for more than two years as a Youth Development volunteer with the Peace Corps. Though she does not have experience with martial arts, she stays active by swimming. Not only is swimming her favorite sport, it brought her into the world of Special Olympics where she has coached both swimming and track for more than 7 years. She hopes to bring her social work background, her current master’s pursuits, and experience working with people with disabilities to the field of conflict and humanitarian aid. She was first introduced to ESD through a peer at UPeace who organized a Self-Defense class taught by Aude. She is excited about blending her experiences with ESD’s mission and values. 


Maeve Porter Holliday is the Media & Communications Assistant for ESD Global and an ESD Global Level 1 graduate. With ESD Global, she mainly assists with social media, the library projects, logging, editing and translating clips from the ESDG community. Maeve teaches Empowerment Self-Defense through Prevention. Action. Change in Portland, ME and has been teaching ESD in different capacities for 10 years. Maeve grounds her work in intersectional feminism and mediation and strives towards making ESD even more inclusive in its goal to end gender-based violence.  

Maeve has a BA in Anthropology from Smith College and has a background in documentary filmmaking. She is proficient in Spanish and utilizes this in her video work for ESD Global as well as in volunteering at a local non-profit.  

Maeve Porter Holliday

Media & Communications Assistant

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