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In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, all in-person trainings are currently on hold.  We are keeping up with the guidance of the World Health Organization, CDC and global authorities related to travel, quarantine, meetings and in person events. We will continue to monitor the global situation and will begin running in-person instructor trainings once it is safe to do so.


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Women's Level 1 Empowerment Self - Defense (ESD) Instructor Training is a unique week-long intensive program for female-identified self-defense instructors, both aspiring and experienced, who want to develop their skills to deliver ESD training in their communities. Graduates of the training are qualified to provide a 10-hour ESD course to adults, as well as shorter formats.

Co-Ed Level 1 Empowerment Self - Defense Instructor Training is a week-long intensive program for adults, with preference given to co-ed teaching pairs who will co-teach in their communities. This training prepares Instructors to teach ESD violence prevention programs for co-ed children's groups ages 5-7 years and 8-10 years.

All Level 1 ESD Instructors will continue to develop their skills through online seminars, one to one mentoring, and by teaching ESD in their community.

Senior Instructor Women's Course is a week-long intensive program for female-identified ESD instructors that prepares them to teach an ESD Global Level 1 Women's Instructor Training. Pre-requisites for all candidates are: 350 hours of ESD or other equivalent holistic self-defense teaching experience, ESD Certification (NWMAF or equivalent) and completion of the ESD Assessment Survey with an interview.

"...holistic, empowerment-based self-defense classes are highly effective in both preventing violence and empowering, without blaming victims, limiting women's lives, or perpetuating harmful stereotypes about women. - Dr. Jocelyn Hollander, University of Oregon

What makes Empowerment Self - Defense effective?

Empowerment Self-Defense is the only violence prevention education tool proven to reduce the incidence of abuse by integrating a program that teaches:

  • How to recognize abuse, coercion and boundary violations

  • How to communicate assertively and advocate for oneself under stress.

  • How to physically protect yourself from violence perpetrated by strangers and familiar people.

Scholarships are available

Level 1 Training cost without room $2,000 USD


Level 1 Training cost with room is $2,500 USD

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