Success Stories

Midnight at the Train Station:


“Last night, my friend and I were near the train station with a friend, on our way to catch a bus.

All of a sudden, I heard someone yell at us, ‘Hey pretty girls, turn around and give me a look at your pretty faces and I promise to F@#$ you.’

We tried to ignore it, but he started to follow us. I understood that this guy was going to try to hurt us, and was not going to just leave us alone. So I stopped. I turned towards him, and I took my power stance and shouted, just like we were taught in class, ‘LEAVE ME ALONE! GET AWAY FROM ME. NOW!’

But he still continued to approach me until we were face-to-face. I noticed that he was starting to open his pants. I understood that I was going to need to make things clearer with physically defending myself, because my verbal boundaries, which included repeatedly yelling at him to leave us alone, 
were not making a difference. So I started to remove my backpack.

Another man, who must have heard my yelling, came over to us. For another 20 minutes or so, this other guy stood between me and my friend and the clearly drugged guy who’d been bothering us, who was now walking away and then right back at us over and over again.

Eventually, we felt safe enough to 
leave, and thanked our new friend.

When I got to the bus stop, I started trembling. Then I realized that I hadn’t finished the “fight.” So I said in my strong voice, “Look! Assess! No!” just like we did in class.

I heard my friends from class, in my head - no, in my heart - yelling along with me. And I said it again. And again. Until the trembling began to subside. I know that ending to this story could have been much worse, and I know that I was prepared. And I know that because of what I learned in my IMPACT class, I was able to prevent a tragedy.

My friend and I thank you!”​


~ Rachel -- IMPACT Graduate

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