What if I told you that there is one proven violence prevention intervention that...

  • Reduces the incidence of gender-based violence by up to 50%

  • Increases a woman’s chance of deescalating a bad situation before it turns violent

  • Provides women and girls with the tools to end a physical assault

  • Reduces the time it takes for survivors of violence to heal because they know they did what they could to protect themselves

  • Increases women’s self-esteem and efficacy in all of their endeavors including academics, career and social relationships


And that this intervention can be taught locally and cost effectively by trained women in 12-20 hours in communities worldwide…

You might be as inspired to make Empowerment Self-Defense classes accessible to women worldwide, as we are at ESD Global. This is why we would like to invite you to join us to learn about the Empowerment Self-Defense model and how it can improve the lives of girls and women in the communities that you care about. Come explore the system; learn the language; feel the excitement and power within this powerful program that can help you to do the work that you do to make the world a safer place for women even better. You can help bring the Empowerment Self-Defense skill set to communities around the globe.

ESD Global Programs for “Movers and Shakers”

August 5 -10, 2018   |   Hugenot, NY (1.5 hours from NYC)

Come experience the Empowerment Self Defense Model for yourself. Learn with Yudit Sidikman, the founder of ESD Global & El HaLev, the IMPACT LA team and the El HaLev team. You will bring your deep understanding of ESD’s power to reduce violence and improve outcomes for girls and women back to your organization.

Option 1: The Full ESD Immersion  |  August 5-10

Includes 3 days of IMPACT Basics and 2 days of ESD Basics training. You will fully experience the power of these two models of ESD training.


Option 2A : IMPACT Basics  |  August 5-8

A specific type of ESD training that is adrenaline based and uses a suited “attacker” to simulate realistic scenarios, allowing participants to fully experience the power of their voices, their bodies and their spirits. This is a unique collaboration of women and men teaching together to prevent violence.


Option 2B : ESD Basics  |  August 8-10

A holistic approach to personal safety skills, developed by women, for women. ESD Basics training includes verbal, physical and emotional components. Classes will be taught by the El HaLev team.


Option 3 : A One Day Introduction to the ESD Model for Funders  |  August 9

(roundtrip bus from NYC included)