August 4 - 9, 2019       YMCA Camp of NY      Huguenot, NY USA

“We have the opportunity to create the cultural shift we need to build a safer future. If we can teach children to set and respect boundaries, understand the concept of consent, and know that they have the power to protect themselves and their loved ones, we can raise adults who will command respect by treating the world around them with value and with love.”   -Yudit Zicklin-Sidikman-

It is not just about
"don't commit violence"
but a much more nuanced understanding of the
spectrum of violence and
the skill set needed to keep
all humans safe.

ESD Global Inc. envisions a safe, violence

free world. Our mission as a not-for- profit is to promote Empowerment Self-Defense as the key violence prevention and empowerment strategy,


We believe that all people benefit from learning Empowerment Self-Defense skills to protect themselves and others from violence. While we have focused our efforts, thus far, on women, girls, and vulnerable populations, we recognize that the time has come to bring these skills to the men and boys in our communities.


ESD training creates a safe space and strengths-based approach to clear boundary setting, threat evaluation, conflict de-escalation and resolution,
and personal safety. It empowers by helping the individual discover their inner strength, explore their ability to efficiently define and defend their

personal boundaries, and develop a toolkit with which to respond, assertively and adequately, to everyday life experiences.

Here is where you come in

We invite you, as a Men’s Community Leader, to engage in an empowering conversation to discover how ESD education can address the pain points that boys and men face in our society
and which often lead to violence. We welcome men who are ready to craft a healthy, safe future for everyone, and invite them to join us at the
ESD Global Men’s Empowerment Self-Defense Incubator, to explore how Empowerment Self-Defense training can be a part of the global solution against violence.

The Incubator

The Men’s Empowerment Self-Defense
Incubator is an invitation-only, residential program that

takes place over 6 days, during which 15 Men’s Community Leaders and Experts are invited to convene and chart a path to bring ESD skills to the boys and men who need them most. Participants will receive room, board, and travel (up to $500).

The goals for this conference include:


  • Define ESD in the context of men and

      boy’s education.

  • How do we educate boys and men

      to understand their need for ESD
      skills and increase their willingness
      to seek it out? How do we bring ESD
      education to boys and men?

  • How do we approach and design an

      ESD Program targeting the issues that
      boys and men face on both sides of
      the violence conversation?

  • How do we make such a program


  • How do we scale such a program?

HOW TO APPLY: Send your CV and a cover letter stating why you want to participate to

Deadline to apply is May 1, 2019.

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