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Please add your country dialing code.
Use spaces and/or parenthesis to separate the digits. Do NOT use dashes (-).

These are platforms ESD Global uses to build community amongst current and past Camp participants. If you do not use these platforms, you will receive all relevant information, but will not be able to meet and engage with members of your cohort and other alumnae prior to and following Camp.

Current Location
Demographic Information

Please answer the questions below to help us better understand the diversity of our applicant pool overall. The information gathered will be used to inform our recruitment process. It will bear no weight on your application and will not be sent to any outside organizations.

Note: Application to ESD Global Institute Camp 2018 is open to female-identified persons.

Race / Ethnicity

The question below is optional. ESD Global is committed to building camp cohorts which are diverse by race, country of origin, language, and other factors.

What categories below apply to you? Check all that apply. 


American Indian / Alaskan Native



Hispanic / Latina / Spanish origin

Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander


Mixed Race


List the language(s) you speak, and corresponding level(s) of proficiency:

Proficiency levels:

  • Basic proficiency – Able to satisfy routine survival needs and minimum courtesy requirements

  • Limited working proficiency – Can handle confidently, but not easily, most social situations and casual conversations, but would need help handling complications or difficulties

  • Professional working proficiency – Able to participate effectively in formal and informal conversations on practical, social, and professional topics

  • Advanced/Full professional proficiency – Able to use the language fluently and accurately for all professional needs. Can understand and participate in conversations with fluency and precision of vocabulary

  • Fluent/Native speaker

Applicant Background in Empowerment Self Defense

ESD Global is looking for cohort members from all backgrounds, including a mix of individuals who have worked in or studied martial arts and/or self-defense, those who are new to the field, and others with experience in social change, healing, or other related work. 

Have you ever studied martial arts and/or self-defense?

Have you taught martial arts and/or self-defense?

If yes, how long have you taught?



Do you have other relevant teaching experience?

Applying to ESD Global

The mission of ESD Global is to make high quality Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) training accessible to everyone worldwide to prevent, interrupt, respond to and heal from violence. Our outreach and recruitment efforts rely heavily on the information that you provide here.

Were you in contact with a member of the ESD Global community (member, alumni, staff, ally) before or during your decision to apply for the ESD Global 2018 cohort?

(If yes) Please specify the name of the ESD Global community member you were in contact with



How did you learn about ESD Global?

3. Have you previously applied to the ESD Global Institute Camp?   (Y or N[CP2] )


Why did you decide to apply to ESD Global Institute Camp? (Check all that apply)

  • To expand my work in violence prevention

  • To enhance my skills in teaching ESD

  • To be part of a network of ESD practitioners

  • Other. Please explain below

Comment: short paragraph space for answer

ESD Global personal responses:

Please respond to each of the following questions. Your responses will help us get to know you as a person and to learn about the values, passions, and experiences that have shaped you as an individual and will contribute to the 2018 ESD Global Institute Cohort.


  1. Why do you want to be a member of the 2018 ESD Global Institute Cohort? (200 words max)

  2. How will your experiences, work, and worldview contribute to the 2018 ESD Global Institute Cohort? (250 words max)

  3. How do Empowerment Self Defense and ESD Global Institute connect to and build upon other experiences, training, involvement, or teaching in your life? (350 words max)

  4. There are two tracks at the ESD Global Institute Summer Training 2018; beginners and intermediates.[CP3]   Descriptions of each are available at (add weblink). Please review the descriptions to ensure you meet the desired experience, qualifications, and eligibility for the track you select.


Please upload a CV or résumé (max 2 pages long):


List your three most relevant professional positions below. Note: This can include internship or volunteer experience. If you do not have any professional experience, list your school or university name in the “Organization / Company” field and list “Student” as your job title.

Position #1-3:

  • Is this your current position? Yes/No

    • If no, End Date field appears (free text)

  • Start Date (free text)

  • Organization / Company Name (free text)

  • Job Title (free text)

  • Sector of work ( Dropdown menu with five options: private or for-profit company/ government or public organization/ non-profit or non-governmental organization/ research or academic institution/ other)

    • If other, please specify your sector of work (text box)

  • Brief Description of your Responsibilities (100 words)

    • Please think about why this position is relevant to the Institute and provide any information that may be helpful in our evaluation.




Recommendation Form[YS4] 

As part of your application, you are required to have one reference complete an ESD Global Recommendation Form on your behalf. Please submit the name and email address of a person (who is not related to you) who will act as your reference.


To add a reference:

  • Return to the main menu in the application portal

  • Click Add or Edit Recommendation Requests

  • Enter the contact information for your reference

You are responsible for making sure your reference submits the Recommendation Form by 11:59PM EST on April 15, 2018. This time is equivalent to 6:59AM CAT and 7:59AM EAT on April 15, 2018[YS5] . Applications without a Recommendation Form will not be considered.



Information for after acceptance:

Citizenship Status

Please select the country(-ies) in which you are a citizen or legal permanent resident.



Please upload a copy of your passport verifying your citizenship. If you are a citizen of more than one country or are a legal permanent resident, please combine each passport copy or legal permanent residency document into one document to upload. If you do not have a passport, please upload another document that proves your citizenship (for example, a birth certificate or national identity card). Please make sure your document is not expired.

  • Upload proof of citizenship document here:

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 [CP2]We’ll know if they’ve applied in the past.

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