Growing Up in the World of ESD

by Maeve Porter Holliday ESD Global Level 1 Graduate, ESD Global Media & Communications Assistant I started teaching Empowerment Self-Defense classes at the age of 12. It began with writing on flipcharts, getting class materials together, demonstrating skills and helping with roleplays. My mom started teaching ESD in the late 90s and, when I was old enough, helping her was a point of pride for me. My name is Maeve, and this is my account of growing up in the ESD world. When I was little, my brother and I would do judo moves with my dad at that stage; I did not know what ESD was. I only knew that my mom taught people to protect themselves, particularly women. I took my first ESD class when I

Celebrating the First Ever International Equal Pay Day!

September 18, 2020 marks the first ever International Equal Pay Day! UN Women reports that the average global wage gap between men and women is at 24%, and that this gap is even greater for women of colour and for those women who have children. Violence goes beyond the use or threats of physical force, & includes sexual, psychological & economic violence. Different structures of violence require different systemic interventions & it is imperative to address these oppressive structures while providing solutions to overcome them. Some women endure abusive relationships or careers due to economic violence associated with poor money management stemming from lack of education, unequal pay related

Michelle Pereira-Henriquez Achieves ESD Global Level 2 Instructor Status!

We are excited to share that Michelle Pereira-Henriquez has reached an ESD training milestone, achieving ESD Global Level 2 Instructor Status! ESD Global graduates like Michelle bring Empowerment Self- Defense to people of all backgrounds, enabling them to live bolder and healthier lives. Violence is a global problem, but needs to be addressed at a grass-roots level in accordance to each community's needs. Michelle applies a unique cultural and trauma-informed lens in her approach to ESD, providing an enriching perspective to ESD training. She has contributed to ESD Global's online webinar series for the professional development of ESD instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting alo

Nigerian Chiefs Welcome ESD Training in Kurudu, Abuja

ESD Global Graduate Obi Peter, who completed an ESD Global Co-Ed Instructor training in Israel last February, shares exciting news from Nigeria! As part of a project funded by the EU through the UN Spotlight Initiative aiming at ending violence against girls and women in the world, 20 local chiefs representing different clans and families in Nigeria held a community advocacy meeting pertaining to the delivery of ESD classes. The visit took place at the Chief Palace in Kurudu Abuja, where the chiefs welcomed the participation of their children, mothers, and even boys and men in ESD training. The sessions will take place at the Chief Palace, reports Obi: "We are finalizing dates, this is a big

ESD Global & EL HaLev Mobilize Efforts Against Violence

Mark your calendars! The Second International Violence Prevention Education Conference (VPEC), will take place (COVID-19 willing) on the 10th and 11th of October 2021 in the beautiful city of Prague! ESD Global is thrilled to co-host VPEC 2021 with El HaLev, a Jerusalem based NGO that works to prevent sexual, emotional and physical violence through innovative educational programs. The conference will be dedicated to discovering methods that give women, children, and other vulnerable populations the skills and tools they need to navigate the world from a safe and empowered place. Yehudit (Yudit) Zicklin-Sidikman, Founder and President of ESD Global Inc., is excited about the collaboration bet

ESD Global Graduate Raises His Voice Against Violence in Nigeria

Developing programs aimed to reduce gender-based violence, Obi Peter has worked extensively with women and youths in various communities in Nigeria and beyond. Obi complains that in some communities, women are almost regarded as “a second-class human-being” that is “inferior to men”. He shares that gender-based violence stems from “traditional beliefs and actions that turn women into slaves by their husbands, by the community, by boys and men, and sometimes even by other women”. Being exposed to an unsettling rate of violence towards girls and women drove Obi to seek violence prevention tools that could make a difference in his community. His mission to protect women against violence brought

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